The Supply Chain Security Officer III is responsible for performing Supply Chain Facility Security Officer duties to ensure the successful and effective protection of employees, guests, and assets, and reputation within Hy-Vee’s supply chain facilities. Supply Chain Facility Security Officers remain vigilant, act with integrity, uphold company policies and procedures, and conduct all interactions respectfully and tactfully.


  1. Must be able to perform the physical requirements exerting 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 25 to 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or great than negligible up to 10 pounds of force constantly. Could be called upon at any time to render aid in an emergency or crisis situation requiring medium to heavy lifting and physical fitness.
  2. Reports to work when scheduled and on time. This position requires the flexibility to cover absences on all shifts as needed.  Primary schedule is PM shift.  Adheres to company policies and departmental guidelines.
  3. Effectively and efficiently manages security operations posts present at employee, visitor, and receiving entrances.
  4. Maintain safe and orderly ingress and egress of the supply chain buildings, ensuring that only authorized employees and approved guests are granted access to the facilities.
  5. Monitors and responds to all activations of the electronic security system, fire detection equipment, and emergency distress calls at supply chain facilities.
  6. Conduct routine daily, weekly, monthly, and/or annual safety and security equipment inspections and certifications and report such inspections accordingly.
  7. Vigilantly monitors CCTV security camera systems to maintain awareness of internal and external property boundaries and respond to issues as they arise, keeping our facilities safe and problem-free.
  8. Leads the response to security, medical, weather-related, and other critical incidents.
  9. Meets and maintains a level of competency in emergency medical response protocols.
  10. Prepares, proofreads, and submits detailed activity, incident, and situation reports and maintains clear, concise shift and duty logs.
  11. Participates in scheduled Supply Chain Facility Security meetings, training, and continuing education opportunities.
  12. Maintains attendance, dress code and grooming standards according to set guidelines.
  13. Performs other job-related duties and special projects as required.

SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQURIED TO PERFORM JOB: Commitment to the Hy-Vee Mission and a willingness to promote the values of the company. Strong leadership skills requiring excellent verbal and written communication.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Able to report, write, or edit original correspondence; write identifying information, guide people and provide basic direction.  Skilled at de-escalation tactics; have an ability to solve practical problems with a variety of variables.  Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to relate to and interact with other people in a friendly, professional manner. Ability to proactively identify problems and creatively develop and execute solutions.  Ability to interact with basic computer systems, including word-processing, spreadsheet and email applications, as well as job-specific programs. Must maintain the utmost confidentiality.  Has access to confidential information including knowledge of employee confessions and investigation proceedings on company personnel.  Has access to CCTV, access control software, alarm system codes, access keys, and telephone numbers of employees. Possess extensive knowledge and experience as an armed corrections officer, law enforcement officer, or extensive military firearms experience.  Proven proficiency with a firearm and the ability to carry a firearm as part of the facility security emergency response team.  Must have a valid driver’s license. This is considered a skilled position requiring significant judgment.  This is considered medium work according to the Department of Labor Weight Classifications with primary functions being light in nature.  Frequently involves a fast work pace in a supply chain facility setting.  There is frequent pressure to handle multiple tasks in a day and meet deadlines.  The duties of this position are conducted in a warehouse environment.  Temperature extremes can occur due to seasonal changes.  Hazards exist from moving equipment and trucks while in the warehouse and in the yard.

MINIMUM EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQURIED TO PERFORM JOB: High school diploma or equivalent required.  Prior experience in law enforcement (with POST or equivalent certification required), military service or corrections.  Good standing from previous agencies. Be able to successfully pass a criminal background check. Able to be trained and certified in CPR and AED use.  Able to be trained in decision-making, surveillance awareness, First Aid, O.C. Spray, Use of Force and De-escalation.  Successfully complete the Field Training Program and Firearms Training program to include firearms qualifications.  Successfully complete Taser training and certification.  Complete body worn camera training.  Attend and successfully complete the Advanced Training Course.  A valid driver’s license is required.

Important Disclaimer Notice: The job duties, elements, responsibilities, skills, functions, experience, educational factors and the requirements and conditions listed in this job description are representative only and not exhaustive of the tasks that an employee may be required to perform. PDI reserves the right to revise the job description at any time and to require employees to perform other tasks as circumstances or conditions of business, competitive considerations or the work environment change.



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